Start your ovens…

Now in its fifth year, the 2016 CDRC Gingerbread Design Competition, Exhibition, + Auction is a fun and tasty way to highlight the extraordinary talents of some of Boston’s top architects, to challenge the designers to explore a new medium, and to raise funds for the CDRC.

Architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and urban planning firms, individuals, and students are invited to bake their interpretations of the 2016 theme:  “Boston, You’re My Home.”

Many cooks welcome.  Please join us!

Essential 2016 Dates:

November 4—Open call for participants issued
December 1—Registration deadline
December 7—Gingerbread creations dropped off at BSA Space by firms
December 12—Gingerbread exhibition opens at BSA Space; auction open
December 17—Family Design Day: Gingerbread
December 19—Reception
January 2—Exhibition closes at BSA Space; firms pick up their creations


The “rules.”

  1.  All components must be edible.
  2. Battery-powered LED lighting counts as edible.
  3. The gingerbread house must arrive on a 18″x18″ base (tin foil-covered plywood preferred) — (This is the size of the gallery display stands).

That’s it!

Heights are limited only by your imagination, and the material limits of the medium.

Creative interpretations of the theme are enthusiastically encouraged.

Come visit…Not yet, but SOON.

Starting December 12, all houses will be on view at BSA Space, 290 Congress Street, Boston.

The galleries at BSA Space are free and open to the public daily.

Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm

Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm

These sweet houses work hard…

For one mighty week, from December 12-19, this event will also serve as a fundraising AUCTION.  It works like a people’s choice:  the house that gathers the greatest grand total of donations ‘wins’ the competition and gets to take home the coveted Golden Spatula. The house that gathers the greatest number of bids — of any amount — is declared victorious.

ALL BIDS COUNT!  All bids directly benefit 2017 CDRC programs, and are tax-deductible.  Bids of any amount (in $5 increments) are welcome.  In advance — Thank you.

THANK YOU to the designers, firms and groups who are already baking.  We can’t wait to see what they cook up!

There’s always more room in the kitchen…  Please join us!

For more info, CONTACT OR 617 391 4024

For a glimpse of what entrants cooked up in prior years:

Click to see more from 2015, including the winning entry by Finegold Alexander & Associates.

Click to see the winning 2014 entry by Finegold Alexander & Associates.

Click to see a gallery of all 2014 entries.

Click to see the winning 2013 entry — also by Finegold Alexander & Associates…(do you see a theme?).

(Will they do it again in 2016, or is time for a new team to take home the Golden Spatula???  We need you!)


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