What We Do

We help clients.

As part of our mission to build better communities throughout Greater Boston, the CDRC makes professional design services available pro bono or at substantially reduced fees to nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and other community groups. We do this through Boston’s extraordinary network of professional design firms, individual volunteers, and students enrolled in professional degree programs.

CDRC services include the “pre-design” and early visioning phases of

·         architecture

·         planning

·         landscape design

·         interior design

as well as facilitation of public meetings, workshops, and community discussions.

We help designers.

Many Boston-area architects, design firms, and architecture schools do community-based work as part of their regular activity.  The CDRC supports designers in these efforts.  We tailor our assistance depending on need.  This support has included helping to prepare for community meetings, developing outreach curricula for extended participation, assisting with grant writing, serving as a non-profit partner and fiscal agent, and providing workshops and guidance materials for junior staff.  What are you working on?

The CDRC also celebrates and promotes community-based and public interest projects by designers across our region through publication and exhibitions.  Stay tuned for an exhibit coming to BSA Space fall 2013.

We help with projects that fall between the cracks.

CDRC projects are often too early or too odd to receive normal funding.  From creating a professional assessment of an aging, neighborhood church that can be used to apply for rehabilitation grants, to leading a public art process to activate an underused parcel and serve as the  catalyst that sparks municipal attention and investment, many CDRC projects simply have no other means of beginning.  The CDRC aims to assist underserved clients in getting projects off the ground.


CDRC_comm event-7-31-2012__2622


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