What can I do to make my home more resilient?

We hear this question a lot these days. As Boston area residents learn more about projected sea level rise and related extreme temperatures, a natural next step is to turn to that domain we can (mostly) control:  our homes. Homes — apartments, condos, triple deckers, and the like — are the essential building blocks of our neighborhoods. And most were built decades, if not centuries, before we had inklings of climate change. What’s a forward-looking resident (renter or owner) to do?

BAC Huxtables Resiliency Workshop_Page_01

Our beloved BAC “Huxtable Fellow” students have been on the ground in East Boston the past four months, analyzing predictions and compiling research, listening carefully to residents and their real situations, and looking closely at the real buildings where we live.  In deep collaboration with the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) and ULI’s “TAP” process, the Huxtables created a menu of actions that regular citizens might take to make their homes more resilient, and shared these ideas during a June neighborhood meeting.

See a pdf of their presentation here:  BAC Huxtables Resiliency Workshop




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